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From outer space into your living room

Grow plants in air, just like on the international space station 👨‍🚀🌱

With the unique Myriad technology plant roots are nourished directly in a nutrient-enriched air. Like this you can efficiently grow vegetables anywhere.

Myriad makes effortlessly growing vegetables as easy as clicking a button

"With this garden it's so easy anybody can do it!"


"I didn't do much but I'm still super proud of my own dill!"


"Tomatoes from the Myriad garden just taste so much better."


herbs around.png

Plug & Plant: Add new seedlings in seconds

Seeds are already integrated in the correct depth and distribution in our plant plugs. If you want to try your own seeds instead you can use our empty plant plugs.

Specialized indoor seeds

Organically compostable

Reusable netcups

No plastic packaging

Always in full control

of the lighting

Solar spectrum in a day/night cycle

Integrated daylight

Adjust the light schedule to fit your lifestyle

Adjustable activity time

Easily dim the lights when watching a series

Movie Mode

Let your garden take care of the plants, even if you're on vacation

20 Watt



3.50 €

energy costs

per month

1 Liter

water usage

per week

Let your garden take care of the plants, even if you're on vacation



The garden waters the plants for you during the day

Refill once

every 3-4 weeks

Due to the water tank and reduced water usage

Consumption forecast

Shows in how many days you have to refill the water tank


Space Garden


70x55x38 cm (HxWxD)


Wood, aluminium, ABS and PLA


12 kg (empty weight)

Plant slots

16 plant plugs


Power socket 230V

Wifi (optional, for updates)


Wall mounted or

standing on a flat surface

Integrated lighting

Pleasant sunlight with a day/night cycle supplies your plants with the energy they need for optimal growth - even in dark rooms.

Environmental sensors

Built-in sensors measure your garden's and plant's health so it can notify should there be any problems you need to fix.


All settings can be changed without the need for an extra app. The garden also shows you the status of its environment.

Wifi Connection

For software updates and so that your garden can learn from all the other connected gardens. 

Automatic watering

Due to the water tank and water-saving cultivation in air you only need to refill the garden every 3-4 weeks. The garden waters your plants automatically.

Space Garden

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